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Sponsor a child in Haiti for a $35 donation.  Send a child in Haiti to school for a year.  Ask us how you can help!


Sign your very own 2x4 and write a message to show your support. These 2x4's will be used in the construction of a home, and your message or blessing will remain within this home forever.

Your donation of $3 will help change the world, one 2x4 at a time.

             ~​​Gift Of Water~

​Provide clean drinking water

Hope Latrine


Each year in Haiti we provide medical and construction relief with our mission teams made up of all volunteers. The medical team will see an average of 150 patients a day. They provide basic healthcare and have seen many emergencies arise to try to save people's lives. The construction team have built 11 houses over the last few years and most recent have taught the natives how to build latrines to provide proper and safe sanitation to all. We are currently planning our next Haiti Mission February 2018. We plan to continue to provide medical care,  implementation the Gift of Water, and continuing our latrine project, as well as starting a community garden and establishing a food pantry. As many of you may be aware that the country of Haiti last fall endured a category 4 hurricane which left this country once again in ruins due to the high volume of rainfall, of which destroyed primarily all crops in the entire southern and western parts of the country. Their situation is dire and many people are fearing that the conditions could become more catastrophic than the earthquake in 2010. Starvation and disease will be the silent killer effecting children first. Your donation could help save a life because we are all working together to help make a difference! 

~Haiti Medical Mission~


Together we can

  make a difference

Make a single or monthly donation directly from your bank account, PayPal.

2X4's for HOPE

is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) global organization with the sole objective to help those who are in need of one of the most basic essentials of life, shelter. Your donations will directly impact our ability to build, re-build homes that have been destroyed by natural disasters. These funds empower teams of volunteers to enter into these disaster stricken areas, armed with resources, with the sole purpose to re-build. This is a true global mission that includes helping people in the U.S. Your donation will, in addition, help other building efforts that include Habitat for Humanity, Homes for the Veterans, and sustainability for our neighbors in third world countries. 
Our mission is clear: To help those who are in need.
Join us to make a difference in the world one person at a time.

Working together 
to make a difference

We have teamed up with The Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin and Veterans Community Project VCP in Kansas City, Missouri to try to help the homeless veterans in our country and provide a roof over their heads. "Thank You" to everyone that stepped up to help homeless veterans!        Stay tuned for exciting news on the tiny homes for homeless veterans project in the TriStates!!

2x4's for Hope and

Habitat For Humanity!

 Mission Statement:

"Building Hope And A Future One Board At A Time."


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The Clinic

"I am the vine

you are the branches."

John 15:5

If you wish to Donate to 2x4's For Hope, return to the top of the page and "Tap" the Donate Button.

100% of your donation directly helps to fund projects around the world. Our staff is made up with volunteers.

Our story....
​In January 2010
, a disaster struck in Haiti, when a deadly earthquake destroyed countless homes. The call for help was heard around the world, including right here in Quincy, Illinois; our home town. A team was assembled, but after much research, there were no funds available for building materials, until we discovered a way to help. We took an ordinary 2x4, and asked friends and family to simply buy a 2x4 and sign their name. It grew and grew and grew. Thus, the 2x4's for HOPE concept was born and funds were raised and homes were built.  The signed boards, as the photo illustrates, were shipped to Haiti, and used in the construction of multiple homes. These signed boards will remain in their homes, exposed to there eyes every day. In return for your donations, prayers will be said every day for those who made their home become a reality.